With a team of professional litigators experienced our one of a team of lawyers ready multidisciplinary alongside you before the court, there to meet the needs of business and competition your procedure.
Customers increasingly choose to Vietsky more in charge of their litigation. The benefits of combining with Vietsky for your litigation needs include:

An outstanding history as a law firm has been involved in national courts in important litigation in the courts of Vietnam.
Record of success in charge of a wide range of issues, from risky litigation to the lawsuit made headlines, litigation has high national and         other types of complex litigation.
Outstanding, proven skills in major litigation and other complex litigation; appear before the arbitral tribunal throughout the country.
The lawyer leading expertise, many people joined our company after a distinguished career in government.
The profound litigator working to protect the interests of short-term and long-term foreign and you courtroom.

a. Providing lawyers
b. Commercial Litigation
c. Construction Litigation

Providing lawyers
We understand the profound impact of the litigation raised a company, we are committed to working with you to avoid litigation when possible. If litigation is unavoidable, we will act quickly to minimize risk and minimize impacts. And because of the discovery of evidence can be a lengthy and costly stage in the litigation, we will focus on the process of discovery evidence clear objectives.
The legal strategy we are designed to ensure a continuous flow and efficiency of your business, as well as protect the long-term plan for your financial. We provide an alternative fee structure and the method of cost-effective to protect you from the wasted costs while ensuring quality products all our services.
Skills and history of our successfully serving clients in a variety of industries: financial services, technology, life science, pharmaceutical, energy, retail, and health health, and more.
Depth of litigation skills and trial that we provide is derived from experience: in a typical stage we have argued for more than 100 service and we take the case to the court of the great Vietnam. This figure includes the court in the appeals court and the Supreme Court of Vietnam. We also have a range of skills in the litigation alternative solutions.

Commercial Litigation

i. Why Vietsky for commercial litigation?
Clients choose Vietsky as extensive experience in our courts, because the depth industry knowledge, broad geographic reach and results of operations have proven successful.
The main factors were separated Vietsky highlights from other law firms in Vietnam.
We are lawyers courts, with successful results have been proved
We know your industry
We have a broad geographic reach and a rich source
We usually win in lawsuit

ii. We are lawyers courts
Most law firms recruit lawyers on trade. What separates us is not only a prominent process on commercial litigation, we also have the court attorney with decades of experience representing many of the largest, most prominent in Vietnam.
We handle litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, and serving customers as a national lawyer in the dispute and the class action is important and complex.
Extensive experience of our litigation is crucial to the business objectives that require a lawsuit to be settled in court. As lawyers and negotiators are experts, we work to help you manage risk and find alternatives when possible litigation and in accordance with the objectives of your business. If litigation can not be avoided, the success in our courts across Vietnam will help protect the interests of your company from start to finish.

iii. We understand your industry

We just considered his work is to know about your company, your company's industry and regulatory trends and market trends affecting your company. We also understand the impact that litigation can have on the daily operations of your company.
Although risk management consulting our help you avoid litigation when possible, our willingness to take the case to court, as well as our capacity building strategy would be advantageous in the settlement of litigation.
History of long-term success in our professions most ever expressed our readiness to protect the interests of your company, whether short-term goals and long term of how your company is going again.


We have successfully handled cases in many industries, including:

Financial Services
Real Estate

iv. We have the wide range of Geography and Resources
Very few law firms in Vietnam can match us in geographical scope, resources, expertise, and attorneys focusing on key areas, and we continue to expand the scope of practice her. We regularly handle disputes and corporate business, including securities, patents, trademarks and copyrights, product liability, antitrust, and real estate, among many field other areas.
With a presence across the country in Vietnam, we work with customers throughout the territory of Vietnam and overseas, often present in the court Vietnam, where we have qualified for the profession. We have litigation support across the country, and a team of lawyers specializing in international arbitration in our excellence in making alternative dispute resolution for a variety of industries.
By allocating team through trades and using the latest technology, we can meet the needs of customers at any time. When a case is the unusually large or requires special experience, our attorneys are ready to be ordered from our other offices to support.
For example, when receiving phone to handle one of the most important cases in the field of real estate, we ordered lawyers from around the country within 24 hours.

Construction Litigation.

Litigation Team of the positive and build our understanding of how to negotiate contracts effectively and aggressively and when needed, can litigation, mediation and arbitration involved claims for building and construction products.
Our team of lawyers we have discussed and advise clients on many projects, complex construction contracts, and construction claims throughout Vietnam, including a series of large projects, complex complex, important public and private, as well as several large projects in industrial, commercial and residential.

A Sustainable History and the available skills

We have argued for a large number of construction lawsuits worth millions of dollars, at the trial, in many district courts and county courts, as well as numerous arbitration services or complex mediation.
We achieved national reputation in the field, the team members of our lawyers are often asked to speak and write about a variety of topics related to the home building industry professional or unions legal.
We understand the construction industry, its processes and people involved in it. We are very familiar with the design, construction and financial problems that can arise from a malfunction project, and we know how to protect the interests of customers and carry out a best case can be.
We also have an extensive background in mediation and alternative dispute resolution fund other more widely used in the construction industry.
We provide a broad foundation in the contract and litigation of complex construction, including:

Crafting and Negotiating Contracts
Project Management and Avoiding Lawsuits
Solutions to Disputes

Language of Responsibility
We use the language of construction litigation, and fully familiar with the theory of liability relating to any proceedings on any construction project, not the finished product, or the error is Architecture and omission, including:

Protest in bidding
Product deficiencies and material
Disputes over technical criteria
Design Error
Testing and analysis
Rules and professional standards
Complaints about the performance and payment contract
Mortgage Debt
The Application of Commercial Law
Warranty and liability contracts
The performance comparison with the design criteria
Planning the approach road gloves (Critical Path Method)
Industry standards
The problems of technologically advanced

We also often responsible for drafting and negotiating all types of contracts for construction and services, changing requirements, and compensation agreements and resolve disputes.
Efficiency and cost effectiveness of
Experience helps us avoid "re-inventing the wheel". We work on-time performance and cost allocation staff to properly manage any major lawsuits and the competitive price at the same time to select a collection alternative.
We also fully familiar with many different methods to resolve disputes in a different way. We often find ways to resolve disputes early and simplify the litigation process.