Labour and Employment

Department of Labor and Employment at Vietsky strive for excellence in providing services to customers. In recent years, the lawyers of Labor and Employment has been helping our clients negotiate the ever-changing context of Vietnam laws that govern the working environment in the enterprise.
- We learn about your business and your business trades, business and support you in making the solutions to problems that affect job performance and productivity in working environment of your business.

- There are many law firms in Vietnam which have many experiences of Vietsky to cope with most of the issues of labor and employment that a business faces. Although we are a new business you well or have shaped, we always travel with your company to achieve a competitive level in all legal matters of labor and employment affect " achievement "our friend.
From financial services to pharmacy to real estate - we only mentioned a few examples - we understand your industry and its needs. From the conference room to the court, we can support you all - counseling and employment litigation, employment and complex litigation on the rights of workers, to negotiate with each employer collective action or the industry, the problems with the local Department of Labor, disputes over intellectual property, and the problems of workers' interests. Vietsky lawyers have the experience that you need now - and a commitment to excellence - to make your company can achieve its objectives.
Counseling and employment litigation
Labor relations and resolving problems of labor conflict
Career Advice
Consulting workforce training

Advice on employment

- We help our clients get the services they need to effectively manage the challenges of compliance and human resources is complex and ever-changing legal. The company has a presence in Vietnam and the companies operating in Vietnam often require answers and quick solutions to the legal problems of Vietnam's labor. To meet this demand, Vietsky has assembled a team of lawyers with daily tasks is only dedicated to advise on labor issues, employment and benefits.

- Our team includes lawyers of the Vietsky in  Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi Office, all with decades of experience on the characteristics of the labor law of Vietnam. These attorneys provide advice on a whole range of employment issues and representing employers in the procedures for administration, litigation and corporate transactions. Our team of lawyers versed in the particular approach to Vietnam personnel issues, and the complexity of the Labour Code can lie dormant as traps for companies doing business in Vietnam is negligence.

We combine customer to focus quickly and successfully into everyday legal issues in human resources and employment arising related to job candidates, employers and workers quit the job. We can provide advice that according to the agreement as well as the monthly charge by the hour. The main areas of expertise of this department include:

I. Policy and compliance audit

- We consider documents as manuals and guidelines for workers, labor rules, which are used throughout the customer cycle of the employment relationship in order to comply with the labor law of Vietnam. The attorneys we work with you to make your company's procedures are consistent, not in conflict with the law of Vietnam.

II. Outline of policies, agreements and plans

- We regularly review, revise and draft documents in accordance with the laws of Vietnam, including independent contractors, employment, and confidential information against disclosure, failure to disclose, not competitive, the reserved, detached, and general franchise agreement detached; agreement and plan of incentives and discretionary payments, employment policy, job offer, minutes discipline and improvement plans for the work.

III. Changing workforce

- We focus on helping clients and manage a wide range of issues of employment and labor cases arising in the restructuring and reorganization, including workforce reduction, closure and relocation plant, for external communication and abroad.

IV. The company's trading

- We are focused and help clients manage a range of issues in employment, labor, benefits, mode for the operating forces that arise in corporate transactions such as mergers, sales, Buy, split and established companies, including drafting and reviewing and ensuring the dienn, trading conditions, evaluation and risk assessment, forwarded to hire workers and to combat competition , employee retention and workforce transition.

V. To investigate, audit and complaints with state agencies of Vietnam

- We represent and defend clients in an investigation, audit and appeal procedures before local government agencies function test.

VI. Mail the request and threatened litigation

- We check and answer letters threatening litigation for our clients by Vietnam law. With experience in employment litigation for many years, we understand the risks and costs of litigation and the value of avoiding litigation when possible.

VII. Visa Services

- We combine client management with the visas, exit visas and the large-scale movement of personnel. The immigration lawyer will advise our clients on regular basis for rapid methods and efficient workers to move abroad or to facilitate the entry of foreign workers into Vietnam.

VIII. Training and education

- We provide training services and education to many different topics related to employment and can assist customers with a wide range of training programs to employees, employee monitoring and operating in employment and management personnel.

IX. Considering the employment process in Vietnam

- We will conduct a review of the employment process in Vietnam to ensure that your business comply with the laws of Vietnam, and review the records, policies and procedures for the entire employment cycle from beginning work until the end. Finally, we will evaluate the specific areas vulnerable your company. Then you will receive a report relating to the areas that need to pay attention to these issues in Vietnam.

Advice on labor relations and conflict management

- Experience and knowledge of our unions throughout Vietnam to help our lawyers useful for collective bargaining, organize and manage the strike / strike, reconciliation. Vietsky lawyers operate in a variety of forums, including the United States Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam, the Vietnam Human Resources. Our lawyer leading the key issues which those who labor employers are facing today. We have:

Representing for the personal use of labor negotiations

Representing clients in the procedures of the court ban

Advising clients on issues of labor relations arising from the merger, split, cut the power and business relations.

Advice on employment litigation and

The lawyer is the lawyer Vietsky extensive experience with law Vietnam's labor law and for state agencies and specialized courts enforce. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the requirements of the work to be done relating to government and advising clients in compliance with labor laws.

I. Employment Litigation

- When our customers are workers present or previous lawsuits, we will work with customers gain the most effective results. In most litigation, we will apply modern technology in records management and overall control of the case. For smaller cases, the data warehouse can quickly access our enhanced ability to handle the maximum incidents effectively. To advance to the level of excellence, we strive to:

Consulting, investigation and litigation of claims for workers

Defended complex litigation

Prepare action plans assertiveness and represent clients in the court's consideration of compliance, review of the management company

Starting and protection of intellectual property rights related to workers.

II. Advice on labor

- Our attorneys associated with your business to focus on human resource issues daily that all businesses face. Focus on innovation and business solutions, we strive to:

Development and policy advice on the business of

Conduct training for all employees and management team with many different topics, including harassment in the workplace, diversity, conflict of interest compliance

Design and implementation of downsizing and corporate restructuring, including an analysis of the adverse impact of workforce reductions expected

Establish programs to encourage quitting before restructuring companies

Advice on the legal issues of labor and employment-related purchases, international mergers.

Advice on training employees

- An array of work Vietsky Training provides interactive training programs that deliver high standards of legal and business into practical guidance for practitioners. The training program is our experienced attorneys and trained the dynamic steering, which provides for supervisors, managers and human resource professionals with the knowledge and skills required to meet the challenges dominate their daily work.

- We believe that all students - from room to room writing director - need to participate and be active in the learning process. Therefore, our training will focus on current legal issues, but instead will focus on the needs of the participants and a series of exercises interesting and creative, the hypothetical scenarios and case studies for real. We guide students through the "food cooked" and the catchy material and user-friendly. Our courses trained by the experienced and professional conduct, which at the same time they are experts in their field. We usually get the words from the student comments such as "this is the best training we have ever attended."